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Plip Travel Planner

The best travel planning app for organizing and collaborating with friends

Imagine having all of your travel arrangements organized in one, easy to read itinerary!

Plip takes the hassle out of staying organized

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Key Features

Version 1.3.0

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  • Completely 100% FREE

  • Invite friends, family, and coworkers to collaborate on trips

  • Per-plan granular privacy controls: some plans are private just for you, some are for everyone on the trip to see and collaborate, some are for sharing more broadly with others (e.g. "what flights are you on?")

  • Real-Time Collaboration: instant synchronization between all trip members as you type

  • Google Maps integration shows you where you're going next

  • Fully featured apps available for Android, iOS, and the web.  Plan and view on your trip on any device!

  • Flexible: different plan types and free text fields let you plot down whatever information you want.  There are no restrictions or required fields.

  • Filters by plan type let you focus on one part of your trip at a time

  • Offline mode: no internet? No problem!  View and edit your entire itinerary without internet access.  Don't worry, changes will sync once you get back online.

  • Reactions make planning fun and interactive 😊

  • Bulk edit capabilities help organize and update plans quickly

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